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    Michael Learns To Rock »

    Michael Learns To Rock You Took my Heart Away текст песни

    You Took my Heart Away

    Staring at the moon so blue
    Turning all my thoughts to you
    I was without hope so dreams
    Try to dull an inner scream
    But you saw me through
    Walking on the path of air
    See your faces everywhere
    As you melt this heart of stone
    You take my hand and guide me home
    And now, I’m in love

    You took my heart away
    When my whople world was gray
    You gave me everything and a little bit more
    And when its cold at night
    And you sleep by my side
    You become the meaning of my life

    Living in a world so cold
    You are ther to wahn my soul
    You came to mend a broken heart
    You gave my life a brand new star
    And now, I’m in love
    ::Repeat chorus::
    Holding your hand
    I won’t fear tomorow
    Here were we stand
    We’ll never be alone
    ::Repeat chorus::

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