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    S.T.A.R.S Your Ex-Lover Is Dead текст песни

    Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

    God that was strange to see you again

    Introduced by a friend of a friend

    Smiled and said ‘yes I think we’ve met before’

    In that instant it started to pour,

    Captured a taxi despite all the rain

    We drove in silence across pont champlain

    And all of the time you thought I was sad

    I was trying to remember your name…

    This scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin

    Tried to reach deep but you couldn’t get in

    Now you’re outside me

    You see all the beauty

    Repent all your sin

    It’s nothing but time and a face that you lose

    I chose to feel it and you couldn’t chose

    I’ll write you a postcard

    I’ll send you the news

    From a house down the road from real love…

    Live through this, and you won’t look back…

    Live through this, and you won’t look back…

    Live through this, and you won’t look back…

    There’s one thing I want to say, so I’ll be brave

    You were what I wanted

    I gave what I gave

    I’m not sorry I met you

    I’m not sorry it’s over

    I’m not sorry there’s nothing to say

    I’m not sorry there’s nothing to say…

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