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    Lemar Your Face текст песни

    Your Face

    When i’m tired of all the lying
    Have no one to hold on to
    When the tears are falling
    The sun seems to hide behind the moon
    Open arms i’m calling
    Nothin will ever replace
    Though i know you’re watching
    I wish that i could see your face

    Sometimes i find a corner and i just wanna be alone
    I don’t wanna say no prayers
    And i won’t answer the phone
    You showed me everybody goes through problems
    Everybody cries
    But no one can show you what to do when you lose someone in life

    I need you now even more than the air i breathe
    You always intervened when things got too hard for me
    Where are you now?
    Can you reach me somehow?


    Many times though i’m surrounded, i still feel so alone
    That’s when you send a sign to me that somehow makes me strong
    It’s only when you’ve been there that the words become so true
    I’d give up everything i own for one last dance with you

    I think about you each and every single day
    I promise i won’t let your memory fade away
    How are you now?
    Can you tell me somehow?


    Sometimes i find a corner and i break down and cry
    I wish that i could see your face

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