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    Rod Stewart You’re Insane текст песни

    You’re Insane

    (R. Stewart / P.Chen)

    You must be crazy or half insane
    Look at your eyeballs, street cocaine
    You drink that white rum, you hit the roof
    What do you expect, one-five-one proof

    You drive your mustang down Sunset Strip
    And in the back seat, a big black whip
    Look at your lipstick, all ’round your face
    Everything you do is in bad taste


    Baby I think you’re cute
    But there’s no substitute for love
    Honey it’s a crying shame
    This whole mad town thinks you’re insane

    You take me dancing but I can’t dance
    but when I try to, you start to laugh
    You shake your hips child like a rattle snake
    You make me jealous make no mistake

    You went to Woodstock and all that trash
    Your generation is fading fast
    You wear them hot pants, they’re out of style
    You like brown sugar, I think it’s vile


    One of these nights child, it won’t be long
    Somebody somewhere who’s big and strong
    In a dark alley, a blood stained coat
    He’ll stick his long thing right down your throat


    Lord have mercy
    Hey baby, I think you’re insane baby
    You got no brain, you’re insane

    Tell me baby, can you play harp
    Can you play bass
    Can you play guitar
    Can you play drum
    Then you’re insane

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